2010 Action Plan

After reviewing my life in 2009, I set about deciding what I want my life to look like in 2010. I followed this basic template to set my goals.

2010 – The Year of Growth


    Business – Create a business (or multiple mini-bizs) that provides the income for my wife and I to live from.

  • $900 take-home each month from own business ventures
  • Create products to sell – ebook is in the works & have contacted a partner for the marketing
  • Sell portraits and other artwork
  • Create and run niche websites – current topic ideas: artists, photography


    Friends & Family – Spend more quality time with my wife, family and friends.

  • Speak to family/friends once each week on phone
  • Go on monthly date with my wife
  • Spend 15 hours of quality time with my wife each week
  • Have friends over at least once a month
  • Read “His Needs, Her Needs” – this is an annual goal, to help my wife and I stay connected


    Travel – Complete the trips we’ve been desiring last couple of years.

  • See Moonbow
  • Visit grand-parents in Texas – We’re heading out tomorrow and will be visiting some friends on the way. We’ll also cross the border to Mexico for a visit.
  • Spring Break ministry trip with Cats for Christ Ministry – We’ve paid our deposit and reserved our spots already


    Spiritual – Grow closer to God and share that love with others while hopefully helping them to do the same.

  • Become better Christian
  • Read books that have already: Practical Christianity, The Jesus I Never Knew, How to get what you Want, etc.


    Art – Put into practice the daily habit of creating and developing into a “professional artist”.

  • Have private show in gallery
  • Fill two notebooks with sketches


    Education – Prepare for grad school while finding a way to finance it.

  • Take GRE – I have an exam prep book to begin studying
  • Find potential employers who will pay for school


    Physical – Get into better shape and stay there.

  • Run/bike ride 4 miles a day, 3 days a week for 50 weeks of the year
  • Complete 100 pushups
  • Complete 200 situps
  • Complete 200 squats
  • Stop drinking sodas


    Financial – Get finances in order and in line with God’s will, as I understand it.

  • Create emergency accounts
  • Give away a percentage of income


There you have it, my goals for 2010. A couple of these are not good goals, but only a couple; “be a better husband” is a bit too vague to be a good goal, but is a good starting point. Some of these goals help me complete some of the items on my Life List. Let me know what you think of my goals and watch as I work on them.

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