Where We’ve Been

It’s always helpful to have a visual of where we’ve been thus far. Here are the highlighted stops along the way.

June 2015 – December 2015

We visited 15 states and 11 national parks. Plus, 4 national lake shores and 3 state parks. Zoom out to get the general view.

[nwm_map id=”3″ zoom=”3″]


We spent the year working our way around the country…

[nwm_map id=”2″ zoom=”3″]

For a change of pace, and to be more comfortable in the tighter, more expensive North East we temporarily moved into our PT Cruiser, aka, the CarVee.

[nwm_map id=”4″ zoom=”4″]

Apparently we were meant to finish our trip in the RV instead of the CarVee, so we moved back into our home and continued traveling – heading to North Carolina to add to the gas fund.

[nwm_map id=”5″ zoom=”5″]


After adding to the gas fund, we’re continuing on our way, with the set-in-jello goal of completing the Lower 48 quest this year!

[nwm_map id=”6″ zoom=”4″]


In May we visited Acadia National Park in Maine, our 48th state and final park in the contiguous US. Then it was time to share a promised trip with one of our favorite nieces and plan our next steps. In July we pulled into Durango, Colorado so that Ashley could start her new job and we could begin our new adventure. We’re now exploring the 4 corners area in depth…