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Isn’t it amazing how complicated we tend to make things? To exercise, we so often think that we need a personal trainer, a gym membership, all of the equipment that we could ever think of, and special outfits. In reality, we need some good shoes, a set of appropriate clothes, and maybe some basic equipment.

My favorite weight-lifting routine focuses on a few exercises and requires only a few pieces of equipment. My preferred exercise, running, is very simple. (Preferred is not quite the right word. Least-disliked might be more correct. I love the feeling I have after exercising, but hate having to make myself do it.)

As part of my 2010 Action Plan I decided to complete three challenges: 100 Push Ups, 200 Sit Ups, and 200 Squats. I have delayed starting these challenges until now; I wanted to ease back into running first, so that the two sets of exercises would not interfere with each other.

Now it’s time for me to start working on those challenges. As suggested, I started out by testing myself to see what I am currently able to do.

  • Push Ups – 35
  • Sit Ups – 50
  • Squats – 50

Based on these results, I will follow the instructions on the respective challenges’ websites and work my way up the routines until I can complete the goals.

I feel that this basic routine successfully gives me a minimalist workout routine. It effectively captures the spirit of the Minimalist Experiment by cutting out the “extra” exercises so that I can focus on some basics and build from there.

Well, enough talk, time for me to go on today’s run!

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