There are a few pieces of gear that we’ve come to really rely upon while out on the road. Here are some things that we suggest you take a serious look at if you happen to RV or boat. (And they’re affiliate links, which means that we’ll get a few cents from any purchase you make, though it won’t cost you any more.)

Mr. Heater – Portable Buddy

Mr. Heater - Portable Buddy

We love our Portable Buddy – it is more than capable of heating the RV warmer than we want it and sips propane, especially compared to the house heater! If you’re going to use the little green 1lb propane tanks, get a refill adapter. We use our 20 lb tank from the grill and have a hose for it.

White Body Spa – Oxygenics Shower


We can’t overstate how much we like this thing! The stream from our shower went from a miserable trickle (sometimes it just dribbled down the handle/hose and to get it to “fall” on you it had to be held directly over-head) to a full-fledged shower – the water hits the back wall!

Additionally, the range of water temperatures was originally either scalding or freezing, with a hair-line adjustment that was tolerable. With our Oxygenics, there is a third temperature available to us, perfectly warm!

Seriously, we can’t gush too much about how much we enjoy our new shower. We haven’t yet used our outside shower, but as soon as we start, believe that we’ll be upgrading it too!

Ye olde water jug


Speaking of water, we have a 7 gallon water jug to carry extra drinking water. It’s proven invaluable when we’re away from a direct hook-up. Not only as a way to carry better-tasting water with us, but it also fits perfectly inside a milk-crate (so I can carry it on the motorcycle for a refill).

Water Bandit


It’s a silly little thing for only a few dollars, but when you need it, you’ll need it. It allows you to hook your hose up to a non-threaded water spigot (like the ones commonly found in parks) to provide a much-needed water refill.

Rand McNally RV-specific GPS

Rand McNally not only makes maps but they’re also the most-recommended GPS by professional truck drivers. Sounded like a winner to us! And it has done a grand job thus far. Since it’s RV-specific we can put in our dimensions and weight and it will take those into account when navigating us. It also comes with Points Of Interest that are actually of interest – campgrounds, RV services, etc.

Inside windshield cover

We were fortunate to have this come with the RV. It slides over the sun visors and is held in place by the door windows. We don’t have to go outside to cover up our cab, and it stays dry no matter how much it’s raining outside. The privacy is great, it blocks all of the exterior light, and is super convenient! You need such a thing – if I ever find a manufacturer I’ll add a link here for you.