More Goals Completed for 2010

Before the year started, I came up with an action plan for the year. I’ve managed to complete some of the goals so far, and recently managed another one.


My wife and went and saw the Moonbow in June. Granted, we had a horrible view of it, but we did get to see a glimpse of it. Next time we go, we’ll make sure it’s not on a weekend (it was horribly crowded!), and that it’s more in the wintertime so that we won’t have to be out quite so late.


I had to fall back to drinking some sodas last month. I was helping run a month-long summer camp and just plain ran out of energy and needed some caffeine. So I snuck in about 3 sodas last month. Haven’t had any since and don’t expect to, however.

Even more exciting news… I managed to complete an additional item on my Life List in June as well. My wife let me (actually is the one who talked me into) purchase a motorcycle! I’ve put almost 2,000 miles on Ms Peeps since then and ride whenever I get the chance. My wife finally joined me on a ride and is loving it! Expect to see lots more posts about motorcycle adventures from now on.

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