Who We Are

Hello there! We are Ashley and Mathew, a young married couple who loves to explore and truly experience what life has to offer. Currently, that means adventuring around the United States in our RV!

After graduating from the University of Kentucky, we both worked as professionals for a few years, Ashley as a nurse and Matthew in IT for a TV production company. We have always been a bit non-traditional in our thoughts about life and how it is best lived, so it’s no surprise that this lifestyle of living to work did not satisfy or appeal to us. We didn’t want our life to be defined by material objects and mundane routines, we craved a lifestyle of adventure, exploration, new experiences, creativity, and lots and lots of nature.

So what was stopping us?

Nothing – that’s the answer we came up with. We decided there was no reason not to pursue our dreams, nothing was tying us to Kentucky or our jobs- no kids, no house, no debt. Why not now?

RVing and tiny living are things we discussed when we began dating 10 years ago and they have been simmering on the back burner of our minds ever since. We lived in Matthew’s mom and step-dad’s RV, in their back yard, for two weeks as a test. We wanted to ensure that living in an RV was something we really wanted to do, not just one of those ideas that sound good but turns out to be a disaster. We loved it! In fact, we ended up purchasing their RV from them (so that they could upgrade to a larger one). Then we made our plans, remodeled our new home, sold most of our stuff, and hit the open road on June 2, 2015.

We’ve loved every minute since (well maybe not EVERY minute, but most of them). Curious about what we’re doing? Find out a bit more here.

Introverts by nature, we normally won’t be the ones to reach out to you. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t love to meet new people and spend time around old friends! We’d love to hear from you, whether you’re a fellow full-timer, avid adventurer, happen to live along our route, or are just curious about our adventures. Don’t hesitate to email us!

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