Coffee Shop Spotlight

We are big fans of coffee, tea and local coffee shops. In fact, we might be a little obsessed. So, it’s only fitting to highlight some of our favorites along our route so others can enjoy them as well! If you’re passing through any of these towns and enjoy a good cup of joe, friendly people and a cool atmosphere, be sure to check out these local gems… (and if you don’t enjoy these things, there may be something wrong with you).

  1. Pipers Tea & Coffee (Paducah, KY)

Pipers holds  the #1 spot in our hearts for favorite coffee shop. They make brewing coffee and tea an art form and their shop looks like a stylish chemistry lab. They are super community focused, roast their own coffee beans, blend all their teas and are the friendliest people I’ve ever met. I have yet to have a cup of coffee or tea that can compare with Pipers; they have a passion for their trade that is contagious and they really know their stuff. Did we mention that we may have their  logo sticker on the wall of our kitchen?

2. North Lime Coffee and Donuts (Lexington, KY)

Great coffee and out-of-this-world, amazing, scrumptious made from scratch donuts. Beware, you will become addicted to this place! Technically we didn’t happen upon this shop in our travels, but became devoted customers during our last year of college at UK. We showed up on opening day, bought six different donuts, ate them all while sitting there and washed them down with fresh, locally roasted coffee. Maybe we shouldn’t admit to that, but the guilt that followed was totally worth it!

3. Honey’s Cafe (Red Lodge, MT)

After visiting all of the coffee shops in Red Lodge (there was absolutely no cell signal at any of our campsites and we needed wifi) Honey’s was our de-facto favorite! Great coffee, delicious artesian sandwiches and wraps all in a wonderful atmosphere. What’s not to love! In fact, the namesake honey latte has inspired our home-made honey-infused cappuccino!

4. bead & berry coffee house (Maricopa, AZ)

Craft coffee and healthy food with a relaxing, creative atmosphere! We hung out here many-a-day before and after selling fireworks for New Year’s in Maricopa.

5. The Coffee Oasis (Bremerton, WA)

The Coffee Oasis is not just a coffee shop but a non-profit, faith based organization that is focused on bringing resources to street youth through community based programs. All proceeds from their coffee business support the Oasis youth programs. Talk about being the change you want to see in your community!

6. Handlebar Coffee Roasters (Santa Barbara, CA)

Combining quality, sustainable coffee and bicycling, yes please! Handlebar owners Aaron & Kim are former professional cyclists with a passion for roasting delicious coffee. The shop was adorable, open and airy with an upbeat energy. Our family gifted us with two bags of their house-roasted coffee (the Colombia & Guatemala) and we only wish we had more!

7. The Coffee Shop at Agritopia (Gilbert, AZ)

This cute little place has delicious, fresh, homemade food (and cupcakes!) in the center of Agritopia, an urban farm in the suburbs of the Phoenix sprawl.

8. Scout Coffee Co. (San Luis Obispo, CA)

We only made it here once, but this adorable place left an impression. This husband & wife owned company features locally roasted coffee and organic teas, as well as house-made flavoring syrups and almond milk.