More 2010 Goals Completed

It’s been a great year so far, and I’m excited to say that I’ve been able to check off a few items from my 2010 Action Plan!

  • I read through “His Needs, Her Needs” to re-touch on how to best satisfy my wife’s marital needs
  • We traveled to San Antonio with the Cats for Christ ministry over spring break and had a wonderful week!
  • Started reading through some of the books on my shelf, such as “The Jesus I Never Knew” – this is also a part of the Minimalist Experiment, as I’m not purchasing any new books until I read the ones I already have.
  • My sketchbooks are being filled, I’ve got at least half of one completed, which puts me around 1/4 of the way done
  • I’ve almost completely given up sodas this year, with only a sip or two here and there. One thing about stopping: when I re-taste one, I realize how little I actually like soda.
  • Emergency accounts have been created, and the money is set aside for them. There’s still a little bit of moving around to do, but the plan is in place.
  • I hope that you have made good progress on your year’s goals.
    I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds!

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