What We’re Doing

Being adventure-some means pursuing the adventure available in life, both on a daily and one-time basis. Everyone’s idea of adventure is different – it may be starting a family, pursing a new job, or travelling abroad. Daily it may just mean trying a new restaurant, coffee shop, or cooking a new recipe. For us, at present, living an adventuresome life means pursing our quest to travel the States in our RV.

Now every quest in life is best executed when you have goals, so we made a few goals to guide our path so we don’t end up aimlessly wandering:

  • Visit all of the lower 48 states. This means more than just driving through. We have to take time and truly explore what each state has to offer. (If, after completing the lower 48, we feel like and financially can tackle Alaska, we will).Map of places visited
  • Hike in all the National Parks in the lower 48 states. This means going off the beaten path, away from maddening tourists, and actually appreciating the natural wonders that the Parks are there to protect.in Zion National Park
  • Re-connect and visit with family & friends along the way.
  • Pick up odd jobs we’ve always wanted to try and develop new skills (i.e. barista, selling Christmas trees, bicycle mechanic, work at a vineyard).
  • Hike, bike, and backpack as much as possible.Bicycling in Michigan

We have a rough plan to accomplish this in about 2 years. If, at the end of 2 years, we decide we love the nomad life so much we want to continue, we will find a way to do that. However, if we decide it’s time to settle down somewhere, we’ll have a very good idea of where we’d like to be permanent residents.

Curious how we’re doing all of this? Find out more here.