Some of 2010’s Goals Completed Already!

What an exciting start to the year! January isn’t over and I have already completed some of the goals in my 2010 Action Plan, and am working on others.

Visited Grandparents, Friends & Mexico

We headed out to Texas on January 2nd and stopped just north of Houston at a friends’ house for a couple of nights. It was wonderful to visit with them again, and to see their house/community for the first time. It was a lovely place and is on our “potential future places to live list”. We met some of their friends, attended church with them (which we loved) and explored a new-to-us restaurant (Sweet Tomato) that was delicious! All too soon we had to leave and head further south. Then we headed on to the grandparents’.

As an aside: My grandparents have been adventuring for years. They have travelled extensively in an RV, lived in the RV for half of the year for a number of years, and love to get out and explore new places and things.

We arrived at their house after an unenventful trip and they proceeded to show us around the town they call home half of the year. While there, we visited Mexico (the first time to visit for both of us) and had a wonderful time perusing the shops and seeing what they had to offer. My wife and I headed east to check out South Padre Island; I’m sure it is much better now without all of the college students taking it over like they do during spring break.

We explored an old mission, despite the spitting rain and ferocious winds. This same rain and wind caused us to be stranded in Mexico, as the ferry operators took their lunch break to escape the rising rain. Fortunately, it was a fairly quick lunch and we were safely returned to the United States.

More States Visited

Not only did my wife and I visit another country during this trip, but we traveled through a couple of new states. We’ve been through Tennessee many times, and through Missouri a couple of times as well. We drove through Arkansas, stopping a couple of times, and of course Texas was the destination of the trip. We don’t have a formal list made yet, but will in the near future so that we can track our progress.

No Sodas (or Cravings) this year!

I seem to have a gift for quitting sodas. December 31st I had about 3 times my normal amount. I haven’t had one since and have had only occasional cravings for the taste, and no headaches. I will say, though, that just before three days of driving is not the time to quite drinking sodas. Blech!

So Far So Good!

These completed goals are all exciting and are serving as wonderful motivation to keep going. I’m psyched about 2010 and can’t wait to see how the rest of it turns out!

3 thoughts on “Some of 2010’s Goals Completed Already!

  1. Lauren says:

    Thanks so much for your comments on my blog! I hope you find it useful. I envy you for being able to quit soda. I have tried numerous times, and I only come back stronger than ever. In fact, I think I’ll go have one now. *SIGH*

    • Matthew says:

      I enjoyed reading through your blog and look forward to watching your business (and eventual empire) grow.

      You CAN quit sodas. The easiest way I’ve found is to replace it with something else, like juice.

  2. Mary Thompson says:

    Congrats on accomplishing some of your goals so soon into the new year! That is great! I quit soda a few years ago and the cravings definitely go away and never come back if you stay away from it. Good luck with the rest of your goals for the year!

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