Journal entry – 7 Mar 2016, Mon – Babies, coffee, and rain

In the morning we watch Griffin and help prepare breakfasts before Jennie heads out for the day. Ashley lays Griff down for his morning nap and Theresa arrives – she and I talk for a bit. Hopefully I’ve convinced her to go and explore the parks in the nearby area – camping doesn’t have to be as hard as she first thought, and day hikes would be greatly enjoyed by her son.

Ready for the day, we walk downtown to the Lucky Llama, a highly-recommended coffee shop to sample a brew and a breakfast bowl. Delicious!

We detour down a side street toward the ocean, but the chilly breeze sends us heading home. It’s not too long before we notice rain heading our way, so we duck into a local shop to pass a bit of time and let the rain pass us by. Great timing, as it rained a few minutes after we headed inside. Once that let up we headed back to the house.

I ran back to the RV to pick up a couple of items and the asparagus from the fridge for supper. Ashley puts together supper, I catch up on journaling and scheduling emails for the month. Jennie spends quality time with Griffin.