Journal entry – 4 Mar 2016, Fri – Aerial Yoga

Caught up with Norma and Jim on the phone – spotted dolphins out in the distance, playing in the water.

2016-03-04 06.30.31 HDR

We got our "biz" cards!

We got our “biz” cards!

Ashley had a hammock yoga class and then an aerial fitness class with Jennie in the morning. She loved it, though it was much harder than she anticipated, but in a good way. I spent the morning reading and writing while overlooking the ocean. Talked to Mom for a bit.

The girls let me know they were heading to the house so I packed up and joined them. Family from both sides trickled in throughout the afternoon and we spent the day visiting and being entertained by Griffin.

Went over to the park to drop off party supplies for tomorrow – it’s a beautiful facility and the day will be a blast.

Supper at the house with everyone, home-made mexican by Griff’s nanny. It was delicious!

Finally motorcycled home.