Journal entry – 22 Feb 2016, Mon – Babysitting the lil cousins

After a slow morning we ran to the grocery store to pick up a few items for supper. Then headed over to Dan and Michelle’s to meet Michelle before she had to head off to work. They’re currently in-between babysitters so we’re going to fill in before Dan gets home.

Sophia and Olivia eat lunch and then spend the afternoon playing with Ashley. I’m still a stranger and they get quiet when I come around, so I put together supper in the crockpot, put away dishes, and get some reading done. Bella gets home and joins the girls for a bit before Dan arrives. We sit and talk before supper is ready, and stay after, until it’s time to get the girls heading toward bed.

We made the white bean chicken chili with cajun seasoning – everyone seemed to love it. The girls ate and Dan really liked it. Something different. 😀 Had a great day!