Journal entry – 3 Mar 2016, Thurs – Meeting Griffin

Plans have been made, we’re going to meet Jennie this afternoon so that she and Ashley can take Griffin to the baby gym. (They only allow two chaperones) and I’m going to get some work done online.

So we hop on the bicycles and head out for a ride. The trail runs just beside our spot, so there’s no way to miss it. We headed down the trail, following the shoreline and end up in Ventura. The trail seems to run out, so we circle around and head back. Stop at the RV for a water break and end up chatting with a neighbor – a fellow RVer with a motorcycle who’s looking at our set-up for ideas.

Then it was time to head into Carpinteria to meet Jennie and Griffin. After a short visit, the girls and the Griff went to the gym while I stayed and got some emails scheduled and other online chores taken care of.

Everyone came back and we set up Griffin’s train. It was so much fun! He loved riding it and he’s just so energetic and happy!

Jake picked up Thai for supper. Delicious!

After supper Jake’s dad and step-mom dropped by, just arriving in town. We chatted with them for a bit before everyone left for the evening. His dad offered a place to stay when we get up to Oregon, and I thoroughly enjoyed talking with him.