Journal entry – 12 Mar 2016, Sat – Men’s outing and Sushi Night

Jake surprised us with some fresh coffee beans from Handlebar Coffee Roasters yesterday afternoon so this morning we brewed a cup of each to sample. Both delicious (though we both like the Guatemala better).

Jennie picked up Ashley and they headed off to yoga. Jake swung by to pick me up – we spotted some dolphins playing in the surf and Griffin enjoyed watching them. We stopped for breakfast, though Griff was far more interested in playing than sitting still so we could eat. So off to the park we went. He loved the slide, and we took turns supporting him as he slid down. The look on his face was priceless – such a huge smile!

Next to the park is a brewery and we stopped in for a drink – they have a play room so Griffin was able to check out all of the toys. One of the walls was a chalkboard, so I drew a picture of a tree. I think that Jake and I enjoyed the toy cars as much as Griffin did, if not more. 😀

By now the girls were back at the house so we went over and met them. Jake had a couple of meetings to attend to, so he had to rush off. We ate lunch, got ready for the evening’s double-date, and hung out. Theresa and Jake both arrived – Jake got ready and Theresa got Griffin.

The four of us headed to Santa Barbara to Arigato, their favorite sushi restaurant. Ashley hasn’t had sushi since she was a young teenager and I’ve never tried it, so we’re very excited. And we weren’t disappointed! The seaweed was strong, but everything else was delicious and we loved it all! We’ll definitely be enjoying sushi more in the future.

After eating we walked down State Street, the main strip in Santa Barbara. Explored through a candy shop – there were candies we’ve never heard of before as well as classics that we haven’t had since we were little kiddos. How much fun! Jake bought some “nuclear waste sours” and we had an endurance contest to see who could last the longest. All of us won (or lost) as the marketing was far stronger than the sour taste.

We finally headed back to the car and, since we had to make a quick stop at an ATM, swung into an artisan ice cream parlor for some dessert. Wow, was everything delicious!

Fully stuffed, they dropped us off at the RV and headed home. We settled into bed and were soon asleep to the sound of the surf.