Journal entry – 11 Mar 2016, Fri – Lazy days and family evenings

Lazy morning – compared coffee making methods – aeropress is stronger than pour-over. Then headed into Carpinteria to the Lucky Llama for a breakfast bowl. Sprinkled on us on the way back to the RV, didn’t leave quite early enough.

Spent a bunch of the day reading. Nice, relaxing afternoon. Motorcycled in to meet Jake and Jennie – we walked down to BrewLab where Fire&Wine had their pizza oven set up. Ordered some of their fire-grilled pizzas and sat around chatting. Delicious!

Back at the house we sat and chatted with Jake while Jennie put Griffin to bed. Delightful conversation on quite diverse topics. He also did his best to get us to go stay for a week in Big Bear, CA. He’s got a week-long stay at a cabin there and it won’t be used by anyone else before the opportunity expires. If it’s open this upcoming week I think we’ll do it. We love cabins, it’s a new location and is apparently beautiful.

Finally, Jake offered to give us a ride home (I think he just wanted to see the RV, finally) so he toured our house when he dropped us off.