Journal entry – 29 Jan 2016, Fri – Lazy day of chores

Ashley went to school with Carol to see Bella receive her student of the month award. Bella was thrilled that Ashley joined for the big day. 😀

Ran for groceries for tonight’s white bean & chicken chili. Put everything together in the crock pot.

We debated heading out to IdylWyld today but decided to save that for tomorrow and just run some errands today. Headed up to the super Target in Murietta to see if they would duplicate Ashley’s prescription from her current glasses so she could get a new pair – they won’t, so she’s going to stick with her current frames. Do need to order some new contacts, however.

Stopped for coffee to plan out a trip to San Diego this weekend – no wifi available, however, so we just spent the time chatting. Then a stop at a yogurt shop for a treat on the way home.

Chili smelled delicious as we walked in the door! Started researching the trip down to San Diego – it’s a short drive but it would be fun to stay right on the beach in the RV and motorcycle into/around town. Lots of campgrounds along the way, but the Reserve America website is frustrating to try and navigate… So still looking at different options.

Bill and Carol called, headed home, so we pause our research. Shortly after they arrive we sit down to eat – everything is delicious! Another delightful evening spent chatting after we finish.