Journal entry – 4 September 2015, Fri – Red Lodge, Montana

Journal entries are just that – the digital copy of my hand-written entries in my journal. If you aren’t interested in the daily details of our adventure, feel free to skip on to the next “regular” post.

It was raining when I woke and wrote while sipping on my coffee, but stops shortly after Ashely comes and joins me with her tea. Chilled, we decide to head in to town to warm up and get some phone calls made, so we head to Honey’s for coffee, wifi, and heat.

I finish my coffee and leave Ashley for a visit to the library. I use their computer to get some things done that our phones just won’t do. The timer runs out and I stop by the gas station to top off before returning to meet Ashley. She’s placed sandwich orders, as we’re both quite hungry. We split a sandwich and a wrap – wow are they good! Honey’s really does make some great food!

We run by the Family Dollar for a few items and then head home.

Ashley reads and I switch between crocheting (really making progress on our afghan) reading and writing.

Early to bed.