Journal entry – 31 August 2015, Mon – Red Lodge, Montana

Journal entries are just that – the digital copy of my hand-written entries in my journal. If you aren’t interested in the daily details of our adventure, feel free to skip on to the next “regular” post.

We got up with the alarm and started the cold morning off with tea and coffee. I crocheted for a bit while drinking and then we finished loading up for our pending move.

Though we’ve been here for two weeks we wouldn’t mind staying longer. It’s been very pleasant and beautiful surroundings. Our next destination is a different type of environment and still beautiful, though. Just not as scenic.

Loaded up, we head in to town. I drop Ashley off at the grocery store before heading to the gas station to empty tanks and fill the fresh water. I grab a coffee so as to not be taking complete advantage. Ashley is done and I swing by to pick her up.

It’s only a few miles to our next spot, tucked off the road in a pine thicket. Tight quarters, though – we use radios to communicate and manage to get through without a scratch. We have a beautiful spot on the edge between the field and the pines.


Once we’re settled and have a late breakfast we walk around to explore. The creek is a ways off but still accessible. A trailhead is just across the street. Very convenient!

We hop on the motorcycle and head toward town to get some chores done online. Still no signal at camp. On the way we stop at Wild Bill’s Lake. It’s a short distance away, with a picnic area available. It’ll be a great spot for a picnic – we can bicycle over and hike around the lake one day.

On into town, we stop at Red Lodge Tea and Books.  They’re out of the tea that Ashley wants for home but we split a cup and get some chores done online. She applies for some workcamping positions.

Before leaving town we stop at the Post Office to see how to receive a package there. Just address it care of General Delivery, apparently. Easy enough! Ashley orders new glasses frames to replace her broken ones as we stand in the parking lot. Should arrive next week – so I guess we’re staying in the area until they are delivered.

Business finished, we head back home. Ashley prepares supper as I get a fire ready. Once our salad is finished it’s time for the fire! While at the store Ashley picked up S’mores ingredients. She’s been wanting some since Michigan so she’s definitely been patient. Three s’mores later and we’re done for. Ash had the idea to use our kabob skewers so we didn’t have to cut any branches. They’re bit short so we have to hide our hands behind the stones making up the fire pit.


We let the fire burn itself out and then head inside. Ashley reads while I crochet and then read a bit before bed.