Journal entry – 12 May 2016, Thurs – Errands and food

We run some more errands – I pick up supplies for todo items that I’ve been putting off until stationary, oil changes and such. No luck finding weatherstripping for the RV. On into Silverdale where we check out the REI store. Back at home for a late lunch.

Ashley has an interview scheduled for Monday with a boat tour company. It’s in Seattle, so we’ll ride the ferry over with Jackie and check out the area during the day.

Ashley bikes over for yoga and I put spaghetti squash and steak in the oven. Timed about perfectly, everything’s ready right when everyone arrives at the house (Ashley, Jackie, and Mikel). Jackie caramelizes some onions and sautes mushrooms and kale to mix in with the squash. Supper is delicious – everyone loves the steaks.