The Best Time for Your Next Adventure

What is always rushing towards you but never reaches you?

I thought that this would be a good post to start with a riddle. (I am not a good riddler, but thought that I would give it a try.)

Have you figured it out yet? Highlight here: tomorrow to see the answer. This is not the best time for your next adventure, no matter how often it is used. This is when everything will be perfect, when all of your ducks will be in a row, and when the sun, moon, planets and stars all line up, and when you will win the lottery.

The best time for your next adventure? Right now! There will always be something left to do, someone you wanted to visit with before you leave, or some other excuse not to go. If you keep waiting, tomorrow will become next week, next month, next year, and then 10 years will have gone by.

Start on your next adventure right now! Take 5-10 minutes, determine what you want to do, and set a realistic date. Follow the planning steps outlined in the link, and start working towards your adventure. If you have a time-frame to work within, you will be surprised how much you can get accomplished. Complete one 5-10 minute necessary task per day, and it will be no time before your adventure is upon you.

What are you waiting for? Get going!

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