Planning Your Adventure – Keep on Stepping

We are nearing the final post in the Planning Your Adventure series! If you are just joining us, it would probably be best for you start at the beginning.

You have completed the first two steps that you have laid out. You have, haven’t you? (If not, go back and get those done! Then come back and we’ll go from there.)

All that you have left to do is to keep on following the stepping stones that you have written down. Follow the same pattern as before. Each day, complete one 5 minute task. If the next task will take more than 5 minutes, break it down into smaller tasks, listed in order. If you apply yourself, though, you might be surprised what you can accomplish in less than 5 minutes.

I was able to find out what paperwork I needed to get into Ireland in less than 5 minutes. A quick google search provided me with a list of what I needed. A few minutes later and I knew how to go about getting that paperwork. (It helped that I already had everything except my passport. Otherwise I would have created a new sub-list for each item I needed to get.)

That’s all you have to do. Break your big, “impossible” tasks down into small, easy-to-do tasks and then do them!

You’re almost there, are you excited about your adventure yet? Keep on stepping, follow that map you have drawn and reach your X!

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