Sunset Painting Completed!

finished paintingMy excursion back into painting was something that I have been looking forward to for some time. I purchased the materials over a year ago, but never made the time to use them. As I was writing the Planning Your Adventure series, I decided to use “paint a painting” as an example for a simple adventure to plan. This motivation pushed me to dig out the materials and actually paint! Even with this motivation I continued to put it off. I was in the process of moving out at the time and I put it off until I got to the point where I either had to sit down and paint or pack the materials away for another six months.

painting suppliesOne evening, when I was done packing for the day, I spread out my art supplies. The kitchen table was covered by tubes of paint, brushes, a canvas, and the inspirational photos that I had taken over the last couple of weeks.

supplies make do Of course, then it occurred to me that I had packed away all of my cups and plates. What was I going to use as a palette and to rinse my brushes in? Fortunately acrylic paint is non-toxic and washes off of smooth surfaces fairly easily, so I was able to use a tupperware lid. Looking around, I spotted the water bottles in the recycle bin and cut the bottom off of one to use. (After washing it out afterwards, it is still perfectly recyclable.) I was set!

The image that I wanted to paint had been in my head for over a year now, so it didn’t take me long to start painting. After getting the sun roughed in, it wasn’t quite right. After three tries, it still wasn’t quite what I had in mind. Apparently, though, it was what I was going to end up with. So I finished the sun and began painting the trees silhouetted in front of it. Hmm… this was working out quite well. I liked how they framed the sun, causing it to stand out even more. With renewed excitement I finished up the trees.

finished paintingAs with everything else, this painting did not go according to my plan. However, I very much like the finished result, as does everyone else who I have shown it to. I plan to frame this and hang it up in our new apartment once we return from Ireland.

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