Planning Your Adventure – Start Stepping

Another post in the Planning Your Adventure series. You have your Baby Steps listed. Now it’s time to start taking action!

You have at most nine (sub)steps listed to complete each goal. Focus only on the first step. Can you complete it in less than 5 minutes? If not, break it down further until you can do each portion of the step in 5 minutes or less.

    Live in Ireland for 3 months & visit Europe for a week

  1. find transportation
    1. compare prices of plane tickets between carriers (I already know I will be leaving the last week of January and returning the first week of June)

      • check out prices at, &
      • determine which airline is consistently cheaper & check their sites for direct prices
    Paint 8×11 picture of sunset & trees

  1. get materials
    1. go to store and purchase (paint, canvas & brushes)

Now do it! This small step gets the momentum started. It is the gentle nudge that gets you started. Are you done yet? No?! Stop reading, GO DO IT, then come back and continue reading. I’ll be here when you get back, don’t worry. GO!

  • US Airways ended up consistently being the lowest price.
  • At least $100 cheaper per ticket directly from their site. (I was able to search both of these in about 10 minutes, so I actually did the first two steps together.)
  • This took a few more than 5 minutes, but Michael’s is only two blocks away so I was easily able to pick up the materials I needed. I ended up waiting in line longer than it took to get there. Total of maybe 15 minutes.

Now that you have completed your first step, you need to complete the next one by this time tomorrow. It will take you another 5 minutes (or break it down again until you have a series of 5 minute-tasks to complete)

Your adventure is getting closer, are you getting excited yet? You’ll be off on your adventure soon, as long as you keep on stepping…

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