Taking Stock

Life can get over-whelming fast, can’t it? Sometimes you just have to take a moment, sit back, and take stock of what’s happened and plan for what’s coming up.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s happened in my life recently:


  • Dad passed away the week before finals
  • Moved out of Ireland (in two days!) and drove from Kentucky to Colorado
  • Dealt with Dad’s affairs (or at least we got started doing so
  • Realized why we don’t ever talk to any of the family
  • Drove back home Hint: Always make sure the moving truck has cruise control!
  • Unloaded everything, found storage places for it
  • Drove to Lexington and found an apartment
  • Moved into apartment & got mostly settled (this and the previous step took about 4 days)
  • Drove back home & helped prepare for the annual family BBQ (my wife’s family, love em!)
  • Returned to Lexington and prepared to be here for awhile
  • My wife’s mom and one of the nieces came to visit for a weekend
  • Family friend passed away
  • Drove back home for funeral
  • Returned to Lexington again (Coming to lexington to this point is about a 2.5 week timeframe)
  • Finally able to settle down, put the finishing touches on the apartment, and return to the dreaded jobs…

Whew! Lots of unexpected traveling, messy situations and general confusion. That’s life, though, right?



  • Our finals are coming up over the next couple of weeks, and we’re dreading those. However, it will be wonderful to get them completed and behind us. As long as we pass… -crosses fingers- I’ve never felt so un-prepared for an exam, ever. E.V.E.R.
  • About a week later, school will resume and we’ll be hitting the books (not that we’ve stopped much this year).
  • Then the fun begins…

  • Early September will see us, along with our church group and some of our closest friends, heading to South-eastern Tennessee for some white-water rafting goodness. A fun-filled weekend of water, rappelling, spelunking and hiking. We can’t wait!
  • Still in the planning stages is a road trip to Texas, to visit friends and family. This will be later in the year, during some as yet unknown school break.

Looking back (and ahead), it’s been a full year. Studying abroad, driving half-way across the U.S. (I think half of it was Kansas), moving, spending time with friends and family and so much more. We try to make sure that our enjoyable activities outweigh the bad ones so that we can remain charged and retain our positive attitudes. So far so good!

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