My First Blog!

… and I’ll love it and I’ll hug it and I’ll squeeze it and I’ll feed it and I’ll water it forever and ever and ever… 😀

I have been browsing the internet since the mid 90’s. I have never had my own website during this time. For awhile now I have felt that it is past time I started a site of my own. I have contemplated a number of different topics, most of which were either already saturated or I was ill equipped to significantly contribute to. Finally it occurred to me that I could create a website dedicated to long held loves of mine: finding the adventures hidden within our everyday lives, excitement, wonderment & traveling.

I want my website to serve dual purposes. It can help you come up with ideas, improve your existing techniques, or guide you in the exploration of previously unknown areas. It will also help me to continue seeking out new adventures, encourage me to continue doing so, and push me to learn new skills.

I have spent far too much time gathering information. I read through vast amounts of information on,, and I have had the idea rolling around in my head for over a year now. Off and on I would browse through the archives of these blogs (and many others), reading and not feeling like I knew enough to begin. I finally decided to get off my duff and do something with the idea. I followed my own advice to quit planning and get to it! It took me about two days to put together the blog (which included about half a day of finding a theme that I liked), wrote some posts, outlined some future posts and generally got everything ready to go. I already had a host in mind so it didn’t take me long to get everything set up.

Here we go! I’m excited about this blog: I can’t wait to see how it affects others lives (and mine!)

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