Going to Ireland

It has been just over a year now. Ashley and I chose what country we wanted to visit, headed into the Education Abroad office at the university and had our first communication with the adviser. Much paperwork, headache and stress later, we are about to head off on another adventure. The apartment has been packed up and put into storage, tickets and insurance have been purchased, our bags are… not quite packed yet.

This will be my first time out of the country, while Ashley has visited Canada and studied abroad in Finland.

The most common question we get is, “What will your husband/wife do while you’re gone?” Apparently it doesn’t occur to anyone that we can study abroad together. Of course, we wouldn’t have it any other way. We find that any adventure worth having is made better by sharing it with someone, and there is no one else we would rather share it with.

The second most common question is, “Why Ireland?” Well, why not? 😀 We actually chose Ireland for a number of different reasons. They have classes that we both need. It is in close proximity to Finland to go visit Ashley’s host family, as well as close enough to Europe to tour there during our spring break. It is not as popular as the rest of Europe, at least for study abroad students, so we had a better chance of getting to go together. They speak English there (even though we speak American, we will be able to communicate). And, seriously, why not?

Now we just sit and count down the days until we get to leave! That’s ok, though… free time to go geocaching!

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