My Blog Philosophy in 10 Words

Recently, Kathleen of Project M laid out her blog philosophy in exactly 10 words. One of the questions she closed her post with was: “How would you sum up your blog’s philosophy?” Which got me to wondering what my philosophy for Adventure-Some is.

My Philosophy

Find the adventure in your life, no matter how small.

Unlike Kathleen, I’m pretty happy with the end result of this project. Sure, I want to explore the world and write about it. I want to run away from my job, make gobs of money over the internet, and otherwise have the freedom to do what I want.

However, I’m also content to live my life where I am now and spend time doing things that I enjoy. I don’t have money or time for big adventures, but I do get to delve more deeply into things that interest me. I get to prepare for the future as I get rid of stuff that I don’t use. I’m able to explore my neighborhood, search out hidden gems of restaurants, and have lots of fun here in my city.

Best of all, I get to share it with you! Together, we can pursue the adventure in our lives.

4 thoughts on “My Blog Philosophy in 10 Words

  1. Rebecca Burgener says:

    This is the kind of challenge that is both good and difficult for me. You are already familiar with my long-winded rambling. I need limits. That is why I enjoy writing Haiku. I have to shut up after seventeen syllables. 🙂

  2. marlon @ productivity bits says:

    “Contentment” – that’s the key. You can have everything the world can offer but you may still feel the void. If we really come to think of it, we don’t really need much to live a decent life. Most of the things that surround us are only embellishment – things that we don’t essentially need. We need to eliminate the things that don’t really matter lest we live a superficial life.

    • Matthew says:

      Contentment is something that is simultaneously easy and hard to reach. Easy, because you need nothing more than what you have. Hard, because it’s about changing your attitude.

      I’m working on eliminating the extra things in my life, so that I can really focus on the important parts of my life.

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