Dear Readers has been live for over 3.5 months now. It has over 70 posts, 5 pages and a steady number of readers.

The question now is, where do you want this site to go? I enjoy running this site, but ultimately, it is written for YOU. Here’s you chance to influence the future of the site.

    4 questions to consider:

  1. Do you like what I’m writing, and if not what about it don’t you like?
  2. What topics do you want to see covered? (completely different subjects or more of the same?)
  3. Do you want more in-depth information? (do you prefer shorter or longer posts?)
  4. Should I continue focusing on the small adventures that you can have in your everyday life, or should I move my focus to the bigger adventures that take more time?

Please let me know what you think. Good, bad, indifferent; I want to hear it all. You can email me, message me on Twitter @FrenchHolt, or leave me a comment after this post.

5 thoughts on “Dear Readers

  1. Thandelike says:

    Hi Matthew. Fellow 31DBBB participant here. To me it seems these are a lot of questions and ultimately are ones you should answer yourself. Yes the blog is meant to engage others but if you don’t bring your own vision and interests readers can’t vote on them. Hope this is helpful?

  2. Ricardo Bueno says:

    Fellow 31DBBB participant here as well…

    There’s a pretty cool widget that you can install into your sidebar as a follow up to this post called: Skribit

    What’s great about it is that it’s basically a form that says “what should I write about”?

    I’ve used it before on other blogs as a way to elicit feedback and get questions from readers so that I can then answer them in the form of a blog post. When I’ve used it, I’ve found it very helpful.

  3. Maggie says:

    I think you share our same excitement for adventure and discovery in Life. We just found your blog by way of 31DBBB. Would love to see some weekend expeditions and adventures blogged about.


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