Don’t Be Afraid To Try Something New

My wife and I just returned from a handbell concert. Until seeing them mentioned on a tv show this past week, we had never heard of handbells before.

A few days later my boss just happened to receive some tickets to the concert that he was unable to attend and left them at the front desk for employees on a first-come, first-serve basis. Apparently I was not only the first, but also the one interested in them, since I didn’t get in to work until after everyone else and still managed to snag them.

So tonight my wife and I went to check out something we had never experienced before, driven by curiosity and free tickets. Not quite sure what to expect (because how trust can you really put in an example seen on a sitcom?) we went just to see what we would see.

The show was wonderful. The music was quite enjoyable, the setting was beautiful, the ladies in the ensemble clearly enjoyed themselves, and the group shared their sense of humor and love of what they were doing.

My wife and I had a thoroughly enjoyable break from our cram-before-finals evening, which wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t been open to trying something new. We would certainly have missed out if I had just brushed off “handbell concert tickets” as something that I wasn’t familiar with and therefore not interested in.

What is something that you haven’t tried, just because you aren’t familiar with it?

2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid To Try Something New

  1. Untemplater says:

    Trying new things is so much fun. You may not end up liking everything but it’s generally worth it to give it a go to find out. Handbells are great! I used to play them with a group at church growing up and I remember having a lot of fun. -Sydney

    • Matthew says:

      I’ve gotten a few emails about peoples’ experiences with handbells, whether playing or listening. What luck to get the opportunity to see this in person!

      So many times I have found that making it through the anticipation is the only bad part of an experience. No matter how I might worry about not liking the new thing, it never ends up as badly as I am expecting it to. Worst case? I have a funny story to tell later.

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