Journal entry – 29 August 2015, Sat – Red Lodge, Montana – Hiking down Lake Fork Trail

Journal entries are just that – the digital copy of my hand-written entries in my journal. If you aren’t interested in the daily details of our adventure, feel free to skip on to the next “regular” post.

Indeed, there was little sleeping done last night. We rose about 7 – the late-risers of the group. By the time we’re packed and refilling our waters everyone else is gone.

No bears, apparently. Our food was undisturbed, we heard nothing, and even the nearby dogs were quiet throughout the night.

We head out, down the trail (literally, downhill) and detour after a couple of miles to take the 0.6 mile side trail to see Keyser Brown Lake. We find a rock for a snack break and enjoy the view. As beautiful as it is we like Lost Lake better.


We had tentatively planned on staying a second night, here at Keyser or beyond it at another lake. It’s still early in the day, however, and we decide to continue on back home.

Somehow we miss the side trail to Lost Lake (so that’s how it got its name) and have no real sense of how far we’ve come without that marker. As we near the trailhead, though, we encounter a lot of traffic coming in the other way. Few backpackers – many are carrying nothing at all, or only fishing tackle!

We do meet a couple from Cincinatti who are curious about our trip and suggest some other trails to hike. They have a cabin in Red Lodge and love the area.

Back at the trailhead Ashley sits to wait as I ride down to drop off my pack at the RV and come back to shuttle her down. We mostly leave our bags packed for a trip on Tuesday and head in the RV for lunch.

Alas. When we returned we found signs of a disturbance in the RV. 2 days we’re gone and there is evidence of mouse mischief.  While the owners are away the mice will play. So our spray foam didn’t do the trick. Not sure where else to try using it. Ashley cleans everything.

I make tea and coffee for us. With sore shoulders and the beginnings of headaches, we nap shortly after getting showers.

Gary comes up on his 4-wheeler and we chat for a bit. I tell him we’re heading out on Monday and he debates about how to move into our spot. It is a good one!

Awake now, Ashley and I look at options for our next stops. With next weekend being Labor Day we want to be settled in well before the crowds arrive. And we have more trails to hike!

With a tentative plan in place, complete with a backup, tomorrow we can go scout and confirm options on the motorcycle. Lots of gravel roads ahead and we don’t want to over-commit the RV just yet.

Looking at maps we come up with a general plan for after the Grand Tetons as well. South. South gets us into Utah and Nevada for good fall visits to some of the parks there. It’s definitely a start.

After fixing supper Ashley relaxes and reads while I journal – finally catching up. Plans for tomorrow and the next day made, we head to bed.