The Luddite Writer

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen
Perhaps this is an example of my modern Luddite tendencies coming through, but I enjoy writing with a fountain pen. For that matter, I just enjoy writing (that would be part of why I run a blog). I write notes, scribble out todo lists, doodle in my margins, compose blog posts, jot down interesting quotes, and otherwise record things in a written format.

Because of this tendency for the written word, I always have a writing instrument on me. Since I enjoyed my Pilot Plumix so much, my fabulous wife presented me with a Lamy Safari for Christmas last year. I’ve been carrying it ever since.

This pen never fails to receive a comment from those around me, especially once it’s borrowed. Some love it as much as I do. Others try it for a few moments and decide that it’s not for them (writing with a fountain pen requires a different style than writing with a ballpoint.) Love it or hate it, a simple writing instrument manages to incite interest and provoke comments. That’s a pretty good day’s work for a pen.

If you happen to see me around and need something to write with, I’ll have this guy with me. Who knows, you might begin to share my passion after trying it.

3 thoughts on “The Luddite Writer

  1. Rebecca Burgener says:

    Yes, a good pen is absolutely necessary at all times. I haven’t really tried fountain pens as I tend to stick to the cheaper ballpoint varieties, but if a pen doesn’t write well, I trash it.

    I saw your comment over on ProBlogger’s post about acquiring a blogging buddy. I just started blogging seriously within the last few months, and I’m still learning the ropes. I’ve been discouraged lately because it feels like I’m blogging to no one even though I know my husband and mother-in-law read my posts regularly.

    Anyway, I’ve read a few of your posts and subscribed to your RSS feed. Your stuff about becoming a modern day Luddite is very interesting. I decided long before I ever got a cell phone that I would not allow it to interrupt face to face conversation. I make liberal use of the ignore button, and that annoys some people, but it keeps my sanity.

    Anyway, I will continue reading your stuff because I think I could learn something. If you could, please visit my blog and let me know if you would like to be a “blogging buddy.” 🙂


    Rebecca Burgener

    • Matthew says:

      I was the same way for some time, only using cheaper pens. However, I had the opportunity to try out a more costly pen one time and absolutely loved how it felt. After using it for an extended period of writing (about 15 pages worth) without my hand cramping up, I decided never to go back.

      There are some great pens out there, and all have their advantages. I greatly enjoyed the few times that I wrote with a roller ball pen, which I thought had the comfort of the fountain pen except with pre-made refills. Perhaps a fountain pen isn’t for you, but don’t be afraid to keep looking to find something that works well.

      I’ve emailed you about becoming a “blogging buddy”. Thanks for the subscribe and interest in my posts.
      I love hearing your cell phone resolution. I’m quite similar. Not only do I liberally ignore, but I also allow voicemail to do a great bit of the filtering for me. If it’s not important enough to leave a message about, it’s not important enough for me to call back to ask about.

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