Luddite Update

It’s been almost a month since I decided to break the technology ties. I thought I should give you an update of how I’m doing with the goals I set.

    Things I Wanted to Get Done

  • Write a minimum of one high-quality blog post a week. – I’ve excelled at this one. Right now, I have posts scheduled for two weeks in advance, with some others that are partially done. Not only that, but I have my first two guest posts out there as well!
  • Create a digital resource (ebook) that I can sell. – I actually didn’t start this one until today (the day I’m writing this post, not the day you read it.) But in this day, I’ve got about 75% of it done. It won’t be long now!
  • Keep up with my schoolwork and maintain my grades This one has taken more time than I expected. This may easily be my most homework-intense semester yet. But I’ve got it under control.
  • It wasn’t on the list, but I’ve also been working on creating a new website. I have just about all of the coding done now, and most of the initial content prepared. A few more tweaks, and it should be live.
  • Also not on the list, but I decided to undertake the 100 Thing Challenge, and am mostly prepared to start that on October 1st.

    How I Expected To Get Them Done

  • Check email only twice a day. – This one I’ve failed miserably at. I’m back to keeping gmail open in my browser (along with at least two dozen other tabs).
  • Minimize my Facebook account. – I unfriended over 2/3 of the people that I was friends with, and now can use Facebook in less than 5 minutes a day. Still not quite convinced that it’s worth having an account, however.
  • Minimize my Twitter account. – I unfollowed everyone that I was following, and now only have 17 people that I’m tracking. I can be on and off in well under 10 minutes a day.
  • Ignore my cell phone more. – I actually threw it into my backpack and didn’t carry it around (in my pocket) for a whole day. It was fabulous! I’m trying to make this a habit, which means breaking the habit of putting it into my pants pocket.
  • TV – This hasn’t been a challenge so far. Apparently I’ve only got one show that I’m interested in enough to watch, so it doesn’t take up too much time. Plus, since it comes out on Thursdays, I really don’t watch it until the weekend, when I have the time. And even then, I only remember to watch it when my wife reminds me.
  • Clean up my computer’s desktop.Done. I’m still loving my background image and the lack of clutter whenever I turn on my computer.
  • Clean up my actual desktop.Done. It’s amazing how relaxed and more productive less clutter can make one!

    Things to Work On

  • Email – I really have to work on being less dependent on my email. I think that only checking 2 times a day is not quite enough, at least for now. So I’m bumping the limit up to 4. I think that I really need 3 (morning, evening, random) but I’m going to give myself an extra, since I’m moving away from “constantly” to “limited”. Once I’m comfortable with 4, I can more easily drop down to 3, then 2.
  • Get the ebook finished and out there. – I’ve been wanting to do this for some time now. Finally, with some prompting from Rebecca Burgener, I actually got started. Following the Cult of Done manifesto, I’m not aiming for perfection, but for completion. I’ll get a finished version, send it to 2-3 friends for editing, implement their suggestions, and put it out there for sale. If you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to help keep the romance in your relationship, I’ve got just the thing for you!
  • Get the other website live. – I wasn’t planning on creating a new website, but the ideas kept coming to me. So I figured that maybe it was past time.
  • Keep up with the homework. – It’s a stream that won’t end until early December. So until then I’ve got to just keep working and not let myself get behind.

Well, there’s my progress. I’m pleased with it; I feel like I got a good amount done, especially since I wasn’t planning on half of the projects. However, I’ve also got a good bit of work to do, both on habits and projects. What do you think? Any suggestions for me?

4 thoughts on “Luddite Update

  1. marlon @ productivity bits says:

    All in all, we have similar goals as far as our blogs go (except for the “100 things”). The only difference is you’re taking actions 🙁

    My blog is now turning to be a “part-time job”. So I need to handle it as a part-time job. Of course my main focus is my Full-time, day job. I need more productivity.

    The good thing about this situation is I am getting ideas and learning things that I can write about for my productivity blog.

    Keep up the good work! I am looking forward to the ebook!

    • Matthew says:

      Blogs are indeed time-hogs. They can require a lot of energy to keep going, especially if you want them to grow. I’ve considered giving up here at Adventure-Some a number of times, but so far I’m glad that I didn’t. I’m surprised at how productive I’ve been these last few weeks. The momentum is helping me keep moving; the more I do, the more I have ideas for, and the more results I see the more I want to keep going.

      You are quite fortunate that what you need to keep your blog going is what you are writing about. You’ll get the opportunity to research, test theories in the real world, and the let your readers know which ones are most efficient (at least in your situation).

      Don’t worry, the ebook will be available soon. It’s at the editor’s right now.

  2. Rebecca Burgener says:

    It really sounds like you are making progress toward your goals. Really, it seems the ideas you had for giving yourself more time is what you are most struggling with.

    I’m looking forward to seeing finished products. I know you will get there!

    • Matthew says:

      I think that I managed to give myself more time, it just doesn’t feel like it. I managed to up the productivity quite a bit, and still get the same amount of sleep as normal. Still feel like I have too many self-induced distractions, however. 😀

      I’m looking forward to the finished products, as well. 😀

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