Only 100 Things

I just finished the 100 Thing Challenge, and it made me think. About 3 weeks into the project, I realized that I hadn’t used a lot of the items on my list. There might be enough room on the list that I could follow the examples of others and have only 100 things, period.

Even though I don’t see this actually happening, I think that it will be a good exercise for me as I continue to examine what I really need in my life. Also, a version of this list may end up being my packing list for some of the goals that I mentioned here.

Recently I realized that I still had a number of items on my list that I hadn’t used yet. I was only keeping them for special occasions, which don’t come up very frequently. In essence, then, they were “just in case” items. As such, I’m sure that I could get by without them. And so I decided to see what my list would look like if I only owned the 100 things that on it (similar to the 10 Things list).

Only 100 Things


  1. jeans
  2. jeans
  3. zip-off pants
  4. swim trunks
  5. pj pants, silk
  6. pj pants, fleece
  7. sanuks
  8. dress shoes, brown other
  9. belt, leather
  10. belt, fabric
  11. watch
  12. bandanna
  13. handkerchief, white
  14. underwear, group counted as 1 item
  15. socks, group counted as 1 item
  16. dress shirt
  17. dress shirt
  18. dress shirt
  19. dress shirt
  20. button shirt
  21. polo shirt
  22. polo shirt
  23. t-shirt
  24. t-shirt
  25. t-shirt
  26. t-shirt
  27. running shirt, black
  28. running shirt, gray
  29. sweater
  30. sweater
  31. hoodie
  32. beanie
  33. Daily Use

  34. glasses, prescription
  35. wedding ring
  36. pillow
  37. pillow case
  38. wallet
  39. chapstick
  40. keys
  41. sticky-note pad
  42. cell phone (incl: charger)
  43. Hygiene

  44. razor (incl: brush, soap, stand)
  45. washcloth
  46. towel
  47. deodorant
  48. toothbrush
  49. electric clippers
  50. nail file
  51. Work

  52. backpack
  53. laptop (incl: mouse, power cord, headphones)
  54. camera (incl: case, charger, mini-tripod)
  55. Moleskine planner
  56. writing instruments, primarily fountain pen (incl: bottle of ink, needle for refill)
  57. 3-ring binder
  58. School

  59. books, 2
  60. sketchbooks, 2
  61. cardboard tube – for transporting work from home to school on motorcycle
  62. art supplies, drawing
  63. art supplies, painting
  64. Transportation

  65. motorcycle (incl: saddle bags, t-bag)
  66. helmet
  67. boots, slip-on
  68. boots, lace-up
  69. doo rag
  70. jacket, leather flight
  71. gloves, leather
  72. gloves, neoprene
  73. rain suit
  74. polypro pants
  75. polypro shirt
  76. Other

  77. tools
  78. shoe box of mementos
  79. Camping Gear

  80. hammock
  81. tarp
  82. bug net
  83. sleeping bag
  84. sleeping pad
  85. stove – either JetBoil or home-made alcohol stove
  86. sauce pan and lid
  87. headlamp
  88. water filter
  89. Eat

  90. spork
  91. stainless steel water bottle
  92. tupperware bowl
  93. pocketknife

One thing that I’ve always noticed about other people’s lists that I’ve found, is that they never take into account things like shelter and food. I feel that if you list everything that you own, but use a whole lot of other things on a regular basis, some might consider that “cheating”.

The above list tries to take this into account. Using the motorcycle as my base, I can travel just about anywhere that I wish to. The camping gear provides me with shelter and the ability to prepare food for myself. It might only provide a minimal life, but one of ultimate mobility. I would be able to sleep anywhere I could lay down or hang my hammock (which includes parks and under bridges in a pinch, or a friend’s porch.)

Well, I’m surprised. Even after adding basic camping gear, I still have extra room on my list. I’m sure that there are things I’m forgetting, and I know that more items would add to my comfort level. What do you think that I’m missing?

3 thoughts on “Only 100 Things

  1. Rebecca Burgener says:

    You make it sound so easy.

    My question is, what about your wife? Would she like to hop on the back of your motorcycle and sleep wherever? Would you feel that she is as safe as you feel you are in the open like that?

    What if you added kids to the mix?

    • Matthew says:

      My wife would enjoy a trip. We’ve gone camping lots of times, so she would be willing to do that, and we would be able to find places where we would be comfortable. She wouldn’t be up for this as a lifestyle, however, which is why this will remain a theoretical exercise.

  2. John DeVries says:

    It’s funny. I sold most of what I owned a few months ago in preparation for my future departure. But I still have WAY more than 100 things!

    It’s interesting to look at your packing list because come next summer, I’m going to have to fit it all on the back of a bike as well.

    Best of luck mate!

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