What Would Your 10 Things Be?

I recently ran across this post that asked “If you could only have 10 things, what would they be?” This got me to wondering what my list would be, which I felt was interesting timing, considering I am taking on the 100 Thing Challenge.

Note: I actually wrote and scheduled this about two weeks ago, before I decided to take on the challenge. However, coming up with this 10 item list helped push me towards the decision to try the challenge, since it helped me really pin-point what I really used day-to-day.

The Rules

  1. 10 things total including clothing
  2. a pair of something (shoes, socks) counts as just one thing
  3. power cords or other essential parts are included with things (laptop + powercord, phone + charger, car + keys)
  4. the list is for where and when you are now, but you can trade things later (for instance shorts for pants in summer/winter)

My List

I don’t have all of these things, but if I were to minimize this much, I think that I would shell out the money to acquire them.

  1. Saddleback Leather Company Briefcase – Tobacco Brown. You’ve gotta have a way to carry the other possessions around. I will eventually get one of these bags, because it will outlast me.
  2. Laptop – If I was getting rid of everything else, I would replace my Dell with a MacBook. Following rule number 3 above, this would include a power cord, mouse, and earbuds.
  3. Digital Camera – Not only do I need some sort of creative outlet, but if I had a good camera, I would be selling stock photos. I would replace my point and shoot with a nice DSLR, however.
  4. Motorcycle & Helmet – I’m using rule number 3 to include a helmet, because I think that it is an essential part of riding a motorcycle, whether operator or passenger.
  5. Leather Motorcycle Jacket – Like the helmet, protective clothing is a necessity. Plus, they can be warm as well as waterproof, so it’s multi-functional.
  6. Leather Boots – Not only do these provide protection while on the motorcycle, but with only a single pair of footwear available to me, it’d be possible to polish them up for semi-dressy occasions.
  7. Jeans – I’d probably have to purchase a pair of motorcycle jeans that have some protective features built in. A nice dark pair can be semi-dressy.
  8. Long-sleeved, button-down shirt – A nice dress shirt can go anywhere, and if I want to be more casual I can just roll up the sleeves.
  9. ExOfficio Underwear – These guys are supposed to be extremely comfortable, as well as super-quick drying. If I’m going to be washing them on a daily basis, they need to be easy to care for. Being able to wash them in a sink and dry them quickly fits the bill.
  10. Socks – I seriously debated what my 10th item should be. (Some people put toothbrush, or debit card.) If I’m going to be wearing only boots, then I need socks.

A lot of people listed “debit card” for one of their 10 things. I think that I would feel comfortable relying only on my PayPal account and going into a physical bank to withdraw cash and operating on a cash-only basis.

Fortunately, I don’t need to limit myself to only 10 things, as I need more than that to be comfortable. It was an interesting exercise to determine what is really important to me, however. I was actually surprised how quickly motorcycle came up on the list, and how reluctant I was to remove it. If I were to take up more world traveling, I’d replace the motorcycle with passport.

What would your 10 things be?

9 thoughts on “What Would Your 10 Things Be?

    • froldt says:

      I’m the same way. They’re gorgeous, at least the pictures are. I’d love to see one in person! They also cost too much for me at the moment. One day, though. One day.

  1. Steven H says:

    Looks like a fun exercise, let me take a shot:

    1) Pants
    2) T-shirt
    3) Underwear
    4) Socks
    5) Shoes (now that clothes are out of the way…)
    6) Macbook (key – I do basically everything on the internet)
    7) Cellphone (a must to keep communication with friends and family)
    8) Bose headphones
    9) Digital camera
    10) Wallet (license/credit card/cash – am I doing this right?)

    • froldt says:

      That seems like a good list to me. Since we’re kind of making up the rules as we go, let’s say that number 10 is just right.

      Personally, I’d drop the cellphone, because I can use my laptop to keep in touch. Maybe not quite as instantaneously, but quick enough, especially when you figure in the free wifi available at so many places.

  2. Rebecca Burgener says:

    I’m going to try it too.

    1) My Bible, Quiet Time Journal, and Pen
    2) Short Sleeves Shirt
    3) Jeans
    4) Under Garments
    5) Tennis Shoes
    6) Current Writing Project – Hey! This would make me complete one thing at a time!
    7) Computer
    8 ) Cell Phone
    9) Camera
    10) Wallet

    Wow. This would be super difficult. No transportation or jacket. I think some kind of bag to keep everything in would be nice too. It might be easier if you could say, “one complete outfit.” Then I would dress in layers.

    • Matthew says:

      It ended up being harder than I expected it to.
      If you really had to do this, I would suggest combining your Current Writing Project with your Quiet Time Journal. Write from the front for one, from the back for the other. This way, you would be able to get a bag to carry everything in.

      I find it interesting to see what everyone’s necessities are. Cell phone didn’t even cross my mind. I can do without a wallet; all I really need are my Driver’s License, School ID, debit cards, and some cash. A rubber band or binder clip (that I can find at work, or school for free) will suffice to hold them together. I find it curious that everyone has computer/laptop on their list. As much as I use mine, I bet that I could get by without it. Use a journal to capture ideas and write blog posts, then a library computer to post them. Hmm… that might be an interesting experiment.

  3. Beth says:

    Now we are talking!
    1. Wallet w/dl and debit card.
    2. One pair of jeans.
    3. Zip up sweat shirt w/pockets.
    4. Running shoes.
    5. Mesh back pack. (so much lighter)
    6. T-shirt ss
    7. Underwear
    8. Work out pants (double as PJ’s)
    9. Work out top (double as PJ’s)
    10. Passport.

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