What Is On My Keychain

Do you ever wonder about the wad of stuff that is on your keychain? Do you really need it all? Or is it just more stuff taking up space in your pocket?

Here is what I have:

  1. house key
  2. key to office
  3. motorcycle key
  4. paperclip
  5. mini pocket knife
  6. P-38
  7. Kroger card
  8. library card
  9. key to lock for locker
  10. key to lock for other locker
  11. mini thumb drive


  1. car key – this thing takes up too much space in my pocket, so I only carry it when I will be driving the car
  2. mini-lanyard
  3. tiny flashlight

I haven’t used the mini thumb drive in some time, so I could comfortably get rid of it. The mini pocket knife actually helped me with the “100 Thing Challenge” because I realized that I only needed one knife, so I was able to quit carrying the separate one. Ideally, the two locker locks would use the same key, but that is not the case (and I see no point in buying a new lock just so that it matches).

Other than the thumb drive, these items get used on at least a weekly basis, so I feel that they are well worth carrying. Since I don’t have any decorative items, this all fits comfortably on a single ring, and does not take up too much space in my pocket.

What’s on your keychain?

4 thoughts on “What Is On My Keychain

  1. Rebecca Burgener says:

    Oh, I am so guilty about carrying too much stuff on my key chain! I’m not as bad as I used to be. I used to carry my house key, the three keys for my parents’ house, two keys for my in-laws house, my car key, my husband’s car key, my dad’s car key, a locker key, the P. O. Box key, a bracelet, and a badly bent ring (sentimental stuff). I’m a little better, but my key chain is still pretty bulky. Now I just carry two car keys (mine and my husband’s), my house keys (three), the P. O. Box key, the storage unit key, a decorative key, and a picture of my family. It’s still too big to carry in my pocket, but at least putting it in my purse doesn’t make me feel like I must be carrying ten dollars in pennies around on my shoulder.

    • Matthew says:

      One thing that I found to be helpful was an “occasional use” keyring. All of the keys that I need to keep, but only use occasionally, went on the ring. I stashed it away so that I couldn’t forget it, and quit carrying them around just in case. I can quickly access them if needed, but don’t have to lug them around.
      On that keyring went sentimental items, all but one house key (I only need to get in one way, I can get the others when I need them), and decorative items.

      Congrats on lightening the load!

  2. Rob O. says:

    The only non-key thing I keep on my simple keyring is a little waterproof pill container. Snag up this cheap little set of 6 and you’ll have a few extras to use as stocking stuffers come Christmastime. Yeah, it’s a bit mundane, but for anyone who takes mid-day meds daily, this is a real gem!

    I’ve been using the same one for well over a decade and it works perfect – I’ve never had wet or damaged pills.

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