Meet Ms. Peeps

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Ms. Peeps is a 2003 Yamaha V-Star 650 Classic. She joined our family in June of this year, with about 8,800 miles on the odometer. Shortly there-after, she developed some medical issues* that were quickly diagnosed and repaired by the family motorcycle mechanic (who would be yours truly).

We’ve been cruising along for over 4,000 miles now, nice and smoothly.

About her name

Even before picking her up from the previous owner, I was debating what to call Ms. Peeps. Being purple, the only thing that I could come up with was The Purple People Eater. I asked a few friends and they gave the same response. Thusly she was dubbed. That’s quite a mouthful, however, so I shortened it down to Ms. Peeps. When riding, however, I have noticed that I shorten it to Peeps. ie: “C’mon, Peeps!”

How we ride

Ms. Peeps is my daily transportation. I’ve been riding on a daily basis ever since I purchased her. This means that I’ve been wet a few times. (Oh, that rain gear works wonders when you actually put it on!) It means that I have to peel off the layers when I arrive at my destination, because I dress to stay warm on the trip. It also means that I now always have on jeans, a jacket, and boots, no matter where I go.

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All The Gear, All The Time
I believe that the proper gear is a vital part of motorcycle riding. It’s far easier, cheaper, and much less painful to replace a cow hide than my hide. And so, a leather jacket and gloves it is… even when it’s 98°F outside. Also, the full-faced helmet is a necessity. Sure, it’s hot and not nearly as much fun as a skid lid (half-helmet) or nothing, but I’m losing my hair fast enough without any help from the blacktop.

Ideally, I will never need any of this gear. It’s insurance, though. It might be a nuisance, but when I do need it, I will really need it.

With Company
Even though I’m a daily commuter, I don’t always ride alone. My wife quickly picked up a matching jacket, helmet, and gloves after Ms. Peeps joined us. We’ve spent many enjoyable afternoons cruising around the area. New roads have been explored, museums have been visited, lakes have been swum in, and other adventures have been shared.

The adventure is just starting!

It’s only been a few months, and I’ve had a great time riding so far. I know that there are plenty of good rides in the future, and I look forward to them. Life on two wheels is good!

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*Apparently the previous owner apparently didn’t put any grease on the drive shaft, which meant that the teeth rubbed against each other and were ground smooth.

6 thoughts on “Meet Ms. Peeps

    • Matthew says:

      She is very much an instigator of adventures. I love it!

      The gear might not be all that comfortable (such as when it’s 90+ outside), but it’s definitely worth it.

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