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This is the seventh post in the 10 Cheap Adventures That Anyone Can Have series.

I remember when disc golf was something that people played at camp. They took a regular frisbee and “made” their own course. “Go to the right of this tree, to the left of the basketball goal, to the right of that split tree, and then hit the trash can. Let’s say it’s a par 3.” Then, a few years later, there were “disc golf discs” special baskets, and whole courses devoted to the game!

How to Play

The game itself is simple. The rules are exactly like regular golf, except with a disc and basket in place of a ball and hole. Start from the tee-box (concrete pad) and “drive” your disc. Continue throwing from each landing spot until you reach the basket. “Putt” your disc into the basket (normally a metal basket on a pole, with chains hanging down above it). Keep track of how many throws it takes you to reach the basket. See how you compare with par for the hole.

What You Need

All you need is a frisbee disc of some sort. Yes, a traditional disc will work, but it won’t be ideal. Special discs, like those by Innova do help. Those are what I use. I bought mine at a local sporting goods store for about $10 each (those in the link provided are a bit cheaper). I carry either two or three… a long distance (driver), a short distance (putter), and sometimes a mid-range. When I go to buy more, I will upgrade to one of the Innova Champion series. They feel much better, and the different plastic will last longer, even though they cost just a bit more.

Now Go Play!

The real advantage disc golf has over regular golf is that it so much cheaper. At least two of the parks near where I live have free disc golf courses, one just has to show up with their discs and begin playing. The initial equipment costs are far cheaper than clubs and balls, there are no green fees, and the courses seem to be more conveniently located (at least all of the ones I’ve played on are, since they’re located in county or city parks.)

I keep my discs in my car, so that I can go play whenever the mood strikes. It’s just so convenient to have some free entertainment ready at a moment’s notice! Not only do I get to go play a favorite game for free, but I get to stroll through some beautiful parts of the park; through the woods, across the nicely mowed grass, and often all of this with friends as company.

What are you waiting for? Even if you don’t have any discs, or don’t have a chance to buy them, chances are that you can borrow some from a friend for a game or two. So go find some adventure out on the disc golf course!

(Footnote: The links above are affiliate links. Meaning that when you purchase something after following that link I get a small portion of the price paid. So go and buy lots and lots of discs, so that I can hurry up with the retiring thing!)

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