Have a Picnic in the Park

This is the sixth post in the 10 Cheap Adventures That Anyone Can Have series.

This is one of my favorite adventures, one that I go on as often as possible. It’s easy, quick, and adds a delightful new dimension to an everyday activity. As nice as they are, you don’t need any special equipment like a picnic basket, different plates or even a fancy checkered blanket.

What You Do Need

  • Something to carry food in – You’ll need something to carry your picnic meal in. This can be as simple as a plastic or paper bag, a lunch box, a cooler… or even a picnic basket. I’ve used all of these, depending on the situation. Even though I now have a nice woven basket, I don’t always use it. Sometimes I need something smaller, or quicker, or a container that I won’t mind getting thrown away or torn up.
  • Something to put food on – Of course, you need something to eat on. Paper plates work just fine. When you’re packing your food, you can even divide it into portions for each person, and then everyone can eat out of the tupperware that you use to carry it. If you want to make it a bit fancier, you can carry your plates with you. Just pack them carefully (perhaps place a napkin between each one for protection) and you’ll be just fine.
  • Something to eat food with – Unless you’re eating only finger foods, you don’t need anything fancier than you use at home. Grab a couple of forks (and spoons, if you need them) from the kitchen drawer, and you’re ready to go!
  • Something to drink from – It’s easy, and tempting, to take bottled beverages with you, and that makes it not only easy to transport and drink from, but easy to clean up too! I frequently just grab the water bottles that my wife and I use on a daily basis and use them. If you don’t have bottled drinks that you want to use, or you want to share from one bottle, it’s a simple matter to grab some glasses from your cupboard. I wrap mine in napkins for safe carrying, and carry them along.
  • Something to eat and drink – Of course, all of these other things won’t do any good if you don’t have anything to use them with. So don’t forget something to eat and drink. It really doesn’t matter too much what you take: sandwiches, chips, and water or grilled chicken breasts, mashed potatoes, sugar-snap peas, and wine. While good food will make it more enjoyable, the best part is the location and the company.
  • So pack your gear, package your dinner, and head outside for a picnic! I just checked the weather, and tomorrow looks like it’s going to be nice. So I’ll be eating lunch in the park with my wife. Bon app├ętit!

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