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This is the second post in the 10 Cheap Adventures That Anyone Can Have series.

Even if I weren’t a bibliophile, I would still love going to the library. They have so much more than books: movies, music, classes, computers, artwork, and more! So many resources that we’re already paying, so we might as well get our money’s worth.

Things to do at the library:

  1. Books – Not surprisingly, you can find books on almost any subject at the library. Just looking for something to read? They’ve got it. Have a project that you want to work on? They have resources that will tell you how. Planning a trip? There are plenty of travel guides available. Need schoolbooks? They might not have all of them, but I’ve saved a good chunk of money by checking out necessary books, reading, and returning them.

    Even if they don’t have the book you’re looking for, they can probably get it via InterLibrary Loan. Put in your request, they’ll find a library within their network that has it, and it will be shipped to you.

    Want to buy books? You can do that too! Every library I’ve been in held book sales every so often. I’ve often seen prices of $0.10-0.15 for paperbacks and $0.25 for hardbacks. With prices like those, you just can’t go wrong!

  2. Movies – You can check out movies just like books, though for shorter periods of time. Peruse their selection, check it out on your library card, and enjoy! Often they’re free, but some libraries are charging $1 or so for the newer releases.
  3. Music – Just like movies and books, you can often check out CDs. It’s a perfect opportunity to try out an artist that you have never heard before, or to try an album without having to purchase it without knowing if you’ll like it.
  4. Classes – Not only does our library offer computer classes, but they also have information sessions on a variety of subjects: taxes, saving money, resume services, beginning foreign language classes, and many other topics.
  5. Computers – Most libraries have at least a couple of computers that you can use. They’re great for those times when yours isn’t working, you need to look something up and you’re not at home, you’re trying to save money and cancelled your internet access, or you just need to work on something in quiet. If you have a laptop, most libraries now have wireless access as well.
  6. Artwork – Some libraries have galleries in them where you can see changing art, often from local artists. Even if the art does not change, make sure that you consciously look at what they have. It’s easy to overlook that statue in the corner, but you might be surprised who made it, or what it is depicting!
  7. More – If the above items aren’t enough, you can also find reading clubs, craft organizations, children’s classes, reading times, board game nights, and more!

Your library have a lot to offer. If you have more than one branch, check them all out, because they will have different things to offer. While you’re there, be sure to strike up conversations with the librarians. Not only are they extremely helpful, but you never know where you might make a new friend!

Go check out your library!

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