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This is the fourth post in the 10 Cheap Adventures That Anyone Can Have series.

Just about every time I head downtown, I find something new. I don’t know if the shops keep changing, or if I just manage to overlook stores every time I walk by. Either way, there is always some new discovery just waiting to be made.


There are all kinds of different shops in our downtown area: from antiques to men’s clothiers (and women’s) to art galleries. Even though I never buy anything, I still enjoy taking a stroll to check out the shops and seeing what they have to offer. Not to mention the surprise of finding a new store to check out.


There seem to be more places to get food than any other type of establishment. There’s always somewhere new to try, with a different flavor from its neighbors. I can tour the world’s food offerings, without leaving a 10 block area. If you get tired of eating the same old thing, it’s your own fault for not heading two doors down to try something different.


Well, there might be more places to get a drink than there are to eat (but almost all of them serve something to eat, so they count in both categories). Even as someone who chooses not to imbibe, there are plenty of options so that I can always try something new. From coffee shops to bars, there are plenty of places to stop in and quench one’s thirst.

Special Events

These range from the weekly farmer’s market during the summer and fall to the annual celebrations that close off the streets in the evengings. It is easy to find out what is going on either on the city’s website or in the newspaper. Without doing that bit of research, you can run into a lot of foot traffic on the streets, or miss out on a great event!

What does your downtown have to offer? Don’t miss out just because you don’t take the time to go exploring. It’s close enough that you can go any time, with enough offerings to keep you entertained. By the time you discover everything, it will have changed and you’ll get the pleasure of finding new treasures. Have fun exploring downtown!

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