Weekly Newsletter – Mashley’s Adventures – Up the 101 and landed in Washington

(Pictures are all available in an album in FaceBook.)

Current Location: Bremerton, Washington

Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey!
~ Barbara Hoffman

The trip along the northern Oregon coast was fabulous. We spent the night at an overlook where we watched The Spouting Horn (an ocean blow hole – there’s an underwater cave that the waves fill and then pressure explodes through a hole in the roof like a geyser.) The next morning we continued on until Tillamook, where we stopped to tour the Tillamook Cheese factory. Interesting to read about the history of the area, the industry, and the company – and we certainly couldn’t turn down cheese samples or some fresh made ice cream from their creamery! That evening we headed further north and crossed over the bay into Washington for a night at the rest area. Whew, another new state – that’s the west coast!

The 101 led us up to Olympic National Park for a couple of nights spent in the bordering Olympic National Forest. On our first full day exploring the Quinault region of the park, Ashley slipped/stepped wrong while crossing a log and ended up spraining her ankle! Back to the RV for rest and ice. Fortunately, we were planning on staying in the region for the next couple of months so there’s no rush to see the park. We followed the 101 on around the peninsula (effectively circling the park) and enjoyed beautiful scenic views and leisurley driving.

Along the way, we stopped in Port Angeles for a meet-up with some of our favorite adventure travelers, the Switchback Kids! We’ve crossed paths with them at a few other parks, but this was likely the last time our travel routes would intersect. We had a fabulous time catching up with them, sharing stories and generally spending time with an amazing couple. www.switchbackkids.com

  • 11 months on the road
  • 17 states visited
  • 22 National Parks explored

Yesterday morning we continued on toward Bremerton, WA. Though it was a bit of a tight fit and required a 15 point turn we managed to maneuver the RV down behind Chateau Jacqueline. So now we’re settled in behind Ashley’s sister’s (new) house for a while!

    Lessons Learned:

  • Ashley is stubborn and doesn’t like to sit still 🙂
  • Driving scenic roads and stopping for the views is an amazing way to travel.
  • We love Washington and Oregon

Since we’re settled for a bit, our goal is to not only visit with Jackie and explore the area in depth but also to take the opportunity to pick up some odd jobs and learn some new skills along the way. Plus, Ashley’s planning on making some more soap! Our time here is going to fly and our to do list will be longer than ever, no matter how much we manage to do.

Settled for now,

Matthew & Ashley