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Current Location: Bremerton, Washington

May you live every day of your life.
~ Jonathan Swift

What a blast this week has been! On Tuesday, Ashley, Jackie and I piled into the Jeep and headed toward the airport (with a stop at The Rock in Tacoma for our favorite pizza appetizer ever – Brown Sugar Mozz Bread) to pick up Norma! It’s been wonderful to spend time with her. Ashley and Norma spent a busy Wednesday planting Jackie’s garden for the season. There should be tons of bounty this summer, from lettuce to beans to tomatoes and more – Jackie will be raking in the produce for sure! Thursday, Jackie, Norma and Ashley went touring the local area and stopped at the Hood Canal during low tide, where tons of Bald Eagles flocked to feast, it was amazing to see so many eagles in one place!

  • Innumerable Bald eagles spotted
  • 2 nights family RVing over the holiday weekend
  • 3 starfish (and countless anenomes) discovered while tide-pooling

Over the holiday weekend we all loaded into the RV and Jeep (5 people and 2 dogs in all) and headed north to explore Olympic National Park. We checked out Lake Cresecent, wild camped out in the woods, went tide-pooling in the Strait of Juan De Fuca, drove up to Cape Flattery – the northwestern most corner of the US, hiked down to Shi Shi Beach, and went up to Hurricane Ridge before stopping at Fat Smitty’s for burgers before heading home yesterday evening.

As always, a paragraph or two just doesn’t do the experience justice. You’ll have to ask Norma for her version of the story – I can’t wait to hear what a grand adventure we went on in few months. The story grows with each telling, and it’s already been amazing. 😀

    Lessons Learned:

  • We love sharing adventures with family.
  • We enjoy seeing the same place through someone else’s eyes.
  • Olympic National Park is probably our favorite park thus far.

Today we took the ferry into Seattle to visit Pike’s Place Market and more before (tearfully) sending Norma back toward Kentucky tomorrow.

Till next time,

Matthew & Ashley