Journal entry – 2 June 2015, Tues

Journal entries are just that – the digital copy of my hand-written entries in my journal. If you aren’t interested in the daily details of our adventure, feel free to skip on to the next “regular” post.


Had a delicious breakfast and visit with Mom, Gary, Narma, Jim, and Tobey at the Gold Rush Cafe in Paducah and then back to Norma’s to get the RV. After running to Shop-O for trailer light bulbs and a marathon photo session, we hit the road in our RV.


Stopped for gas in Reidland and noticed that the front driver’s hub was hot. After pulling back onto the road the RV was pulling to the left.


Pulled in at the Southside Walmart and called around – finally found one mechanic who might be able to take a look at it tomorrow. Mom and Gary came out to look at it and sit with us. Drove to the mechanic (in Mayfield) where they had it fixed in about an hour – we lucked into them having the parts and an open bay to fit us in.

By this time it was late enough that we headed to Mom’s house, got a quick bike ride in and we all went to Carr’s Steak House – tasty!