Books That Can Change Your Life

As an avid reader, I’ve consumed a lot of information over the years. Many of those books stand out in my memory, often because of a good story. Few, however, have actually held information that I used, and put to work in my life. Those few that have were able to change my life; some in minor ways, some quite profoundly.


  • The 4-Hour Workweek – (Kindle/Paper) Even if you aren’t interested in a lot of what Tim Ferriss has to say, there are a lot of tidbits in here that can be used to change your life.
  • Leo Babauta’s The Power of Less – (Kindle/Paper – There’s so much information in this book about how to streamline your life, including both theory and actionable items. Use it like a workbook, mark pages, scribble in the margins, and make it yours.


  • Leo’s Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life – This is a great starting point for anyone who is interested in trying out minimalism.
  • Leo’s Zen-to-Done – I’m a productivity system nerd; I love trying out new systems, testing what works in my life and what doesn’t. Of all the systems that I’ve tried, this one works the best for me. It’s not so involved that it gets in the way of the work that I have to do, or too complicated that I don’t want to keep up with it. Now I’m finally getting somewhere!
  • Everett Bogue’s Minimalist Business – This is exactly the information that I needed as I set about creating a business that will allow me to escape from my job. Packed full of useful advice, it will help you get where you want to be (if that place includes you having your own business).

I have read thousands of other books, and they have shared a lot of information with me, entertained me, and even taught me, but I can’t think of any others that have changed my life. Check them out, who knows where your life might end up!

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