New Free Finance Tracking System

Well, it took a bit longer than I planned, but I just finished my Finance Tracker 2.0! I wanted to simplify my finances so that I could track how I’m doing and plan for the future with one easy-to-use interface. After much fiddling with it, I finally have a new system that I’m pleased with.

This spreadsheet allows me to see each month’s budget and expenses, automatically averages my expenses over the year, is easily adjusted when I need to change a category (either income or expense), and tracks virtual accounts so that I can plan for long-term expenses. It only takes a few minutes every couple of days to keep up to date, and is easy to understand.

Even though I planned on having this done sooner, I wanted to test it out first. The previous version worked well, but was cumbersome and harder to read. I managed to pare this one down so that it takes up less room, is easier to understand, quicker to change, and faster to keep updated.

Having trouble keeping your finances in hand? Download a copy and see how helpful it can be. Need it customized for your situation? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

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