10 Ways to Make Her Valentine’s Day Special

Are you ready to make her Valentine’s Day special? This doesn’t necessarily mean having flowers ordered and chocolate ready to go (unless that is what really makes her happy). Have you planned something that will show her how special she is, how much she means to you? In no particular order, here are 10 ideas to get you started:

  1. Have an indoor picnic.
    It might be too cold to eat outside, but you can still have a romantic picnic. You already have the perfect location available. Clear the floor by pushing furniture back and lay down a clean sheet or blanket. Set two complete dinner places: placemats, long-stemmed glasses, everything. Don’t forget to include some long-stemmed candles.
    The meal does not have to be fancy, this is almost a case where it is the effort that counts (it does need to be edible). Quality company will more than make up for a mediocre meal. If you are not an experienced cook, I have always had luck with pasta. You can purchase tortellini that only needs to be boiled and then add a jar of her favorite sauce. Buy a loaf of fresh bread and slice it, add some butter and toast it in the oven. This simple meal is fast to prepare, easy to cook, and delicious.
  2. Write her a Letter.
    Make the time to write a message meant just for her. You don’t have to be a wordsmith for it to be special for her, it just has to be heart-felt. Here are some questions to help get you started:

    • How has she made your life better?
    • What does she do that you look forward to every day?
    • Why were you first attracted to her?
    • Why is she more attractive to you now than when you first started dating?
    • What are her unconscious habits that you have noticed?
  3. Bake her favorite dessert.
    Like the picnic meal, this is almost a case where it is the effort that counts. If you take the trouble to make a cake, or brownies, or cheesecake, it will not matter if they are not perfect. The cake can be a little lopsided, the icing doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth, it will still taste wonderful. (Again, they do have to be edible, so follow those directions closely!) Ask the best baker you know for a recipe if you don’t already have one. Not only will this make her day, but you get to enjoy the final results with her.
  4. Give her a massage.
    Everyone loves a good massage. Take some time and treat her to one. You don’t have to be great, you just have to be willing to put in a good effort. She will tell you if something feels good, so just keep doing what she likes.
  5. Prepare her a bath.
    Draw a nice hot bath, include her favorite bath salts or oils (perhaps even bubbles!) and lead the way. Have her bathrobe and slippers ready when she gets out. Meet her with a fresh cup of her favorite drink. Spoil her.
  6. Spend the day together with no distractions.
    You have to spend time with her, time when you are focused completely on her. This focused time is one of her basic needs. One of the greatest gifts you can give her (anytime, not just for Valentine’s Day) is to spend time with her. So put away the cell phone, turn off the TV and computer and just talk to each other. You can talk over a meal, with mugs of tea in your hands, on a drive or a walk. Discuss your hopes and fears, dreams and ideas. Share your plans for the future and regrets of the past. Grow closer to one another.
  7. Watch her favorite movie with her.
    Get comfy on the couch. Put on your PJ’s, curl up underneath a blanket together, grab some snacks and sit back for her favorite movie. Absolutely no complaining on your part!
  8. Buy her something she wants but would never buy herself.
    This cannot be something practical. It has to be something she really wants but is not willing to buy for herself, or that she is waiting to buy. This doesn’t have to be something big, it just has to be something important to her. It might be a book she’s been wanting, a piece of jewelry she’s been eyeing, or some clothing that she would not get for herself.
  9. Go on a date.
    Sweep her off your feet like you used to. Make reservations at her favorite restaurant (an alternate is to recreate your first date). Do something besides watch a movie afterwards, perhaps go bowling or some other activity that allows you to interact (movies don’t allow you to talk, you want to find something that does).
  10. Do the chores so she doesn’t have to.
    It is her day, after all. Make it special by removing some of the day-to-day stuff. Are there chores that she always takes care of? Today you can give her a pleasant surprise by doing them for her.

None of these are hard, and most do not have to be expensive. They all can show that you care enough to put some thought into your Valentine’s Day gift, which is what she really wants!

6 thoughts on “10 Ways to Make Her Valentine’s Day Special

  1. Kaylee Baroody says:

    You know, I have to tell you, I really relish this blog and the useful insight. I find it to be refreshful and very instructive. I wish there were more blogs like it. Anyway, I felt it was about time I posted a comment on 10 Ways to Make Her Valentine’s Day Special | Adventure-Some – I just wanna say that you did a good job on this. Cheers dude!

    • Matthew says:

      Glad that you enjoyed it! I can certainly make a poster and re-post it sometime mid January! I’ll leave the flier-passing to you. Hmm… maybe we could just distribute them on campus?

    • Matthew says:

      A fortunate fact, if a commonly unknown one, is that it really is the thought (shown through the effort) that counts, not the size of the gift (or price tag) the majority of the time.

      My wife had to go w/out flowers on the dining room table for an extra week, because I wasn’t interested in paying 3x the price just for a holiday. Fortunately, today they were back to normal price, and I got a bigger-than-normal bouquet because of the holiday left-overs. 😀

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