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Do you ever wonder at what you eat? What’s in it, where it came from, etc? I do. Even more frequently I wonder Why did this cost so much? I could make it at home.

After reading Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual I’ve been giving these questions some more thought than normal. Even though it can be hard to find the time to cook from scratch, I enjoy it. More than just enjoying the process, I enjoy the food more. Not only because I know what’s in it, but so often it just plain tastes better.

As I searched for recipes the other day, I ran across the StoneSoup blog. Jules, the author, has committed to cooking with no more than 5 ingredients (not including oil, salt or pepper). Furthermore, she has written a couple of ecookbooks, including one that only requires 5 ingredients and 10 minutes! What a lovely principle!

It often takes more than 10 minutes to place an order for delivery. It definitely takes longer to go and pick something up. For less time, you can have a simple, delicious home-cooked meal. What’s not to like? With so few ingredients, it’s easy to have what you need on-hand for many of the recipes.

Real food

Not only are these quick recipes, but they’re also made of real food. Just like Michael Pollan recommends.

Cook more

What about you? Would you cook more often if only the recipes weren’t so complicated? If you didn’t have to go and buy ingredients that would only be used once or twice? Not to mention how much time you’ll save. I would, and that’s part of why I like this cookbook so much. I’ve already made a couple of the meals out of it, and will be trying more out in the near future.

Give it a shot. Explore StoneSoup, and check out her free ecookbook.

2 thoughts on “Simple Recipes

    • Matthew says:

      You’re welcome! She has other cookbooks (some paid and some free) on her site if you care to go and search for them.

      I sat down and went through the whole cookbook with a notepad open and wrote down the names and page numbers for the recipes that sounded good. This way, anytime I’m meal planning or don’t know what to eat at the moment, I can quickly locate something that appeals to me.

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