Journal entry – 25 Dec 2015, Fri – Christmas day – leaving the pumpkin/tree lot

Slept in until we woke up, which was not as late as we expected. Breakfast and Ashley opened her present, a light for her bicycle so she can ride before/after the sun.

We take apart the plumbing, siphon/run the generators out of gas, and put away the last couple of items on the lot before heading out.

Since it’s Christmas, not a lot is open. We stop and fill up propane, both the built-in and removable tanks. Then find a laundro-mat that is open and finally catch up on laundry. Not as nice as our “regular” place, but it gets the job done. While everything’s in the dryer we eat lunch out in the parking lot. Good to feel like we’re back on the move again!

Off to StarBucks for drinks and a FaceTime call with Ashley’s family. Nice to see everyone!

Then our schedule kicks in and we head down to Maricopa for our Fireworks lot. We’re meeting Mel there so that he can close out the books on the Christmas trees and start us on Fireworks. He isn’t there when we arrive so we chat with Candy and David (who ran the tree lot). He shows me a couple of quirks about the setup and the girls compare notes on the employees. Overall we agree that the training could be a lot more in-depth.

Mel arrives, sees them off, and we inventory the Fireworks in the shipping container. This involves removing them from the pallets, moving them from the right side to the left as we go, marking each item off on the list. A bit tedious and cramped quarters but we get the job done.

Finished with the inventory, Mel heads off, scheduled to return at 9 tomorrow morning to help us get set up.

We maneuver the RV in place and get set up for the night.