Journal entry – 21-24 October 2015, Tues-Sat – Gilbert, AZ – Peddling pumpkins

Journal entries are just that – the digital copy of my hand-written entries in my journal. If you aren’t interested in the daily details of our adventure, feel free to skip on to the next “regular” post.


Woke and went for a bicycle ride down along the canal. Slightly annoying to stop for a road crossing every .25 miles but quiet, peaceful and otherwise pretty. So definitely worth it! Stopped by The Coffee Shop halfway and then home to find Jose putting up lights on our fence.

I start making pumpkin pancakes when a semi pulls up. Surprise! We’re getting more pumpkins.

Jose leaves to get the tractor and returns with a crew to help unload. We get everything arranged about lunch time (and we’re more than ready to eat) so they head on to the next lot and we finally eat.

Out of room in the tent, we pull the tables under our awning for the register and carving kit/pattern displays. Very convenient, right next to the door. Our commute just went from 100′ down to 3′. 🙂


I run to Trader Joe’s for tortilla chips. The salsa is very tasty!


Ashley took the morning off – bike riding and exploring the area. She went to The Coffee Shop and enjoyed a delicious lunch.


I took the morning off – grocery shopping and then heading to The Coffee Shop for a tasty sandwich and wifi. Really enjoyed a relaxing morning.


Mel stopped by for a couple hours. Brought a new battery for the big generator and looked over books with Ashley.

Busy evening! Captain America and Cinderella came and bought pumpkins.


Productive day. Cleaned and oiled bicycles. Washed the motorcycle. Sold the most pumpkins yet.

Almost out of propane in the RV and Ash doesn’t want to unhook and pack everything away so I can go get more. I was planning on buying a T so that we can use our 20lb tank as a supplement and call around for options. Lowes and a DIY is the best bet so, after 3 trips to get all of the right parts, we now have a way to get back-up propane. Very handy!